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Defence Ready ‘Smart Enough Factory’ Program

Redline Engineering is thrilled to be one of five defence industry companies selected to take part in the ‘Smart Enough Factory’ program. The Victorian Government is supporting defence industry companies, like ours, in transforming operations by deploying digital technologies to drive value and productivity. The program, delivered by DMTC (formerly the Defence Materials Technology Centre), […]

CNC Manufacturing Options

CNC Manufacturing is a term that you are likely to be somewhat familiar with at this point, if you have found your way to our website. But to reiterate for any who are still unsure, CNC Machining/Manufacturing is a Computer Numerical Control method of fabrication. This means that numerical data/written code is used to instruct […]

Local manufacturers vs "off-shoring"Machining Services Melbourne

Local manufacturers versus “off-shoring”

What is “off-shoring” and why do people do it? Offshoring occurs when steps or entire processes of the production or assembly of a good are relocated to an overseas factory/manufacturer. This could occur for a variety of reasons ranging from the cost of raw materials being cheaper in the offshore location, the cost of labour […]

about CNC milling machinery

What is CNC Milling?

What does CNC stand for? A computer numerical control (CNC) mill allows the machine to be moved and monitored by computer control. The benefits of using a CNC mill allows for a more accurate and timely manufacturing. Milling is the cutting and drilling process of materials. This includes materials such as: titanium alloy steels engineering […]

cnc precision machining for replicating parts

How CNC Precision Machining can Replicate Parts

What is CNC Precision Machining? When looking at the equipment used in CNC Precision Machining, you would not initially notice any difference compared to regular CNC Machining tools. It would just look like a regular computer accompanied by regular machining equipment. However, there is a difference. CNC Precision Machining is a technique used for producing […]

CNC precision machining

Redline’s Partnership with Mills Motorsport

For several decades, Redline Engineering has grown to become a marquee supplier of CNC precision machining both locally and internationally. The reason we have managed to secure successful long-term partnerships over the years is our clients know just how committed we are to manufacturing world class CNC precision components. We constantly work towards upgrading our […]

Eddie Thomas

For over 50 years the word ‘Redline’ has been synonymous with ‘success’. We have forged a reputation for our various machining services which provide competitive manufacturing solutions. Also in particular our CNC Machine components have capabilities for precision and accessibilities. The Redline legacy began in the 1960s when the legendary record breaking Drag Racer Eddie […]

Introducing our brand new Okuma MB4000-H twin pallet horizontal machining centre

We are very excited to announce the newest CNC Machine in our arsenal. The Okuma MB4000-H comes with some great features that ensure we can produce the highest quality Machining service in Melbourne for our customers. This computer numerical control machine streamlines the manufacturing process where a pre-programmed computer software commands the movement of factory […]