How CNC Precision Machining can Replicate Parts

cnc precision machining for replicating parts

How CNC Precision Machining can Replicate Parts

What is CNC Precision Machining?

When looking at the equipment used in CNC Precision Machining, you would not initially notice any difference compared to regular CNC Machining tools. It would just look like a regular computer accompanied by regular machining equipment. However, there is a difference. CNC Precision Machining is a technique used for producing various intricate and complex parts and components with an extremely high degree of precision.

How it Works

In order for the machine to operate, it must be moved in the correct path to ensure the right cut is made. This primary motion is the “cutting speed”. The cutting speed is when the machine moves to make the cut. Similarly, the component being worked on can also be moved, this is a secondary motion called “feed”. By pairing both of these motions together as well as the high quality of the CNC Precision Machine, the machine is able to create the highly accurate parts.

How CNC precision machining works

CNC Precision Machining utilises regular CNC functions, whilst numerical controls are also executed. Particular objects must have computer programs developed to be created. The very specific computer program uses a language called G-code. This code controls numerous variables for the machine such as speed, velocity, feed rate, location, precise positions and coordination.

What Has to be Done

The G-Code is an essential part of CNC Precision Machining. However, before the code can be written, a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) drawing has to be completed. After this step, the code can be developed. Once these two steps are completed, the program can be run and tested. This testing process is called “cutting air”. This is a crucial step to ensure that the program is working correctly and there are no errors which may lead to wasted material or could potentially affect the machine.

Why Should I Use CNC Machining?

There are numerous reasons as to why you should use CNC Machining for your production needs. It can be beneficial for a number of different situations. Some reasons as to why you should be using CNC Machining include:

  • Low Error Rate

By utilising CNC machines, given that the program is running faultlessly, the error rate is minuscule compared to human machining. 

  • Less Wasted Material

Continuing on from the first point, if there is a lower error rate, that means there is less wasted material. This leads to fewer costs on material and overall an increase in savings. 

  • Duplication

CNC Machines allow the exact same component to be made time after time, depending on the product this may be a crucial element for the product. 

  • Faster Production

Compared to human machining, CNC Machining is quicker and far more efficient. 

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